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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farm and Ranch Property Coverage

Farm and ranch property insurance covers all the things that help your operation run smoothly, like your farm machinery, equipment, and farm structures. Your property is a big part of your profitability and deserves proper coverage.


What Farm and Ranch Property Insurance Covers

Farm or ranch property insurance can provide financial protections for buildings used in your operation, your personal property used on the farm or ranch, loss of income and other farm or ranch exposures. Thurston Family Insurance will conduct a farm ranch analysis to help ensure you have the right coverage for your operation.


Notable Farm or Ranch Property Coverages

Replacement Cost Coverage for Farm Machinery

When you add Replacement Cost coverage for farm machinery, if your machinery is damaged due to fire, collision or another covered occurrence, we’ll help pay to repair or replace it. And what sets us apart is that we offer you coverage for machinery up to eight years old1. This includes equipment like combines, planters, tractors, sprayers, skid loaders, cotton pickers, backhoes, balers and more.


Farm Operation Interruption

If a building critical to your farm or ranch is lost, you’re not just looking at a loss of property; you could also be facing a significant disruption of income. The coverage adds an additional layer of protection for buildings that generate income, from hog confinements to dairy barns and more.


Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Protecting the equipment that keeps you running isn’t cheap. Protect your investment from losses caused by electrical equipment or mechanical breakdown with Equipment Breakdown Coverage.


Irrigation Equipment Coverage

Your irrigation equipment can be insured for replacement cost regardless of age, and coverage isn’t just limited to center pivots.


Hay Coverage


Farm Vehicle Insurance

You rely on your car or pickup, but chances are your operation requires more than that. From trucks to farm truck tractors, ATVs and even trailers, the vehicles that keep your farm or ranch working need special protection. Your local agent can customize a solution to fit your farm or ranch and your budget.


Why Cover Farm Vehicles?

Insuring your farm vehicles is a smart idea: it protects you, your farm and the people who count on you… because accidents do happen. The type of coverage you’ll need depends on how the vehicle is used. Our select companies offer coverage options for every operation, including:

This coverage option provides protection from lawsuits or claims against you for bodily injury or property damage caused by your personal vehicle for which you are legally liable.

Pays for damage to your personal vehicle (including your farm trucks, ATVs, trailers and farm truck tractors) due to accidental collision or upset.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motor Vehicle
Covers you and household members (in a covered vehicle or as a pedestrian) for bodily injury from uninsured or underinsured motor vehicles.

Replacement Cost on Newer Vehicles
An accident can take your farm truck out of commission – a vehicle crucial to your operation. Replacement cost coverage helps you get back on the road fast by replacing the cost of your vehicle.

The Farm Ranch companies we represent bring unmatched value to you – We believe your insurance should work as hard as you do. Our agents work with Underwriters to ensure you have the best coverage for your operation – large or small. Together, they look for coverage gaps and help ensure you have the protection you need. An app can’t do that.

We are ready to go to work for you and with you today!!