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How Can I Contact Thurston Family Insurance?


Finding a GREAT Insurance Agency is tough and you just found us!

You can give us a call at 406-534-0133 or use the form below to speak with us about anything in regards to insurance. Our agents are friendly, experienced, and ready to serve you.  


What Can I Expect the First Time I Contact Thurston Family Insurance?

When contacting Thurston Family Insurance for the first time you can expect to have an insurance driven conversation about you and your insurance.  Through that conversation you will get to know Thurston Family Insurance and we will get to know you and how to best serve you.  We will listen intently to ensure that we have a solid understanding of what it is you are trying to protect and  you will find out quickly that we are different from the ordinary main street insurance agency.  


Thurston Family Insurance is independent and we work for the customer and not one single insurance company. The results speak for themselves.


Why should I contact Thurston Family Insurance?


When it comes to insurance there are two types of insurance agencies.  You have captive agencies and independent insurance agencies. 


Captive insurance agencies are agencies supported by one insurance company. These agencies usually only have one offering and might be owned by that insurance company. For example; State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, Farmers Union, Farm Bureau, GEICO, and more. Captive agencies represent the company they are associated with. What this means to you is one choice.


Independent Insurance agencies have the freedom to work with as many insurance companies as they choose. This freedom allows these agencies to contract with companies as necessary.  Independent insurance agencies work for you and not the company.  Thurston Family Insurance represents more than 12 good insurance companies.  The benefit to you is in the choices you have to pick the insurance plan that insures you the best.  The other benefit is that Thurston Family Insurance does the shopping for you and with you. The end result is you will know what you own, why you own it, and what it will do for you. There is a piece of mind in choices.