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About Us

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Thurston Family Insurance is a privately owned, family owned, and veteran owned independent insurance agency. TFI was created in 2011 determined to provide a better insurance experience by creating a simplified process that saves time and money.  Afterall, who has enough time and who wants to spend the extra time talking about insurance. 

Marc and Vikci Thurston started Thurston Family Insurance in 2011.  Marc has experience working in both insurance and financial services for more than 25 years and VIcki has experience working with people one-on-one and more than 15 years of insurance experience.  Together, Marc and Vicki set out to create a client centered way of insurance planning.  They view insurance planning as a puzzle and as an independent insurance agency, they have the puzzle pieces necessary to protect each client’s way of life.

We understand insurance can be a tough subject, but the protection insurance provides is important.  We focus on getting to know each customer so our team can build the highest quality insurance plan possible.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for car insurance, home insurance, business insurance or life insurance, we want to know we did the best for you.   

Insurance is used to hedge the risks a person takes.  In life, you are either self insured or insured.  

Self Insured – Means you have the financial assets to take care of any loss you might have or any damages you might cause to others.  Being self insurance involves unlimited financial risk.

Insured – Means you protect your assets and income by transferring the financial risk to an insurance company or series of insurance companies.  In exchange for this protection, you  pay a reasonable insurance premium. 

There are many kinds of insurance.  Thurston Family Insurance specializes in home, auto, life, health, personal liability, business, commercial liability, and farm and ranch insurance. 

Thurston Family Insurance is aware of the challenges families and businesses face when it comes to time.  That’s why TFI operates two offices.  One office is in Billings, MT and the other is in Ennis, MT.  We also understand the need to serve people on the run, or from a distance.  Thurston Family Insurance is licensed in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and other states.  “We work to make insurance easy, “ said Vicki.  Thurston Family Insurance uses the best technology and systems available to get business done fast, accurate and affordable.  

When you buy insurance, you aren’t going to frame your policy and stick it on the wall.  You are going to keep your insurance agency number in your phone so should the need arise, you can call quickly.  We understand you buy insurance for protection and getting claims taken care of is part of the process.  Thurston Family Insurance gets involved in claims when the need presents itself.

When you have a car wreck or a pipe burst or someone runs into you and causes damage, you reach out to your insurance company and your agent for assistance.  This is what you are paying premiums for.  

What is full coverage?  In the world of insurance full coverage is simply the insurance policy that includes both comprehensive and collision protection.  The BIG question is whether or not the limits of protection in your policy are enough to protect you.  If your limits are not high enough, you will be financially responsible for the balance.  Measuring the limits that will protect your property and your wallet is what the agents at Thurston Family Insurance are trained to do.  


Vicki Thurston

Vicki has more than 20 years of experience working with insurance and people.  Vicki started Thurston Family Insurance with only one customer and that was herself.  Since that time, Vicki has been instrumental in the growth of the agency and serves hundreds of families and businesses in multiple states.  Vicki’s focus is in making certain each customer understands what they need and building a plan of insurance together.  “Protecting our customers’ way of life is extremely important,” said Vicki. 

Vicki works directly with all the insurance companies Thurston Family Insurance represents.  She discusses new products, changes, and all the moving parts of the insurance business.  Vicki’s passion is to make insurance for each person easy to understand so they can get on with what they love doing, which usually isn’t insurance.:)

Vicki is the proud mother of two young men.  She loves the big blue skies of Montana and Wyoming and spends as much time outdoors as possible.  She is passionate about God, Family, and Country.  

Marcus Thurston

Marcus has lived in the mountain states for most of his life.  He is a native of Wyoming and has been in Montana for many years.  Over the course of his career, Marcus has operated as a financial advisor, investment advisor representative, introducing commodities broker, and an insurance agent over the past 30 years. For the past 10 years Marcus has owned and operated Thurston Family Insurance.

Military Service –

Marcus served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps.  Marcus is a combat trained marine and was attached to the US Department of State where he served as an Embassy Guard in Europe and Central America.  He was responsible for access to government facilities, safeguarding classified material, and protecting US citizens and dignitaries.

Marcus is the proud father of two young men and appreciates all the freedom’s this country offers. 


Chad Nelson

Chad started his insurance career in 2011 and serves the community of  Billings Montana


Luke Thurston 

Luke started his insurance career in 2019 and serves the community of Billings Montana.  


Cindy Stowell 

Cindy started her insurance career in 2020 and serves the community of Billings Montana.


Tami Christensen 

Tami started her insurance career in 2011 and is the office manager. Tami serves the community of Ennis Montana.


Rozelyn Bohrman

Started her insurance career in 2021 and serves the community of Ennis Montana.


Customer Relations

Scout joined the agency in august of 2019 and Cig in February of 2016. Both are proud of their job titles and ensure customers have the best experience possible!

Insurance Billings Mt About Thurston Insurance 2


The agents at Thurston Family Insurance understand people have a choice when it comes to their insurance business. Because of the companies we represent and the detail used in quoting, Thurston Family insurance insures nearly 90% of the business they quote.  Not only do they write the new business they often increase the protection. You need and have to own insurance so why not work with Thurston Family Insurance? Infact, if they can’t beat your current plan of insurance Thurston Family Insurance will contribute $20 to you or the charity of your choice.